There is calculated misinformation and then there is information so wrong that it makes you look ridiculous. I’m sure that Chinese and Russian military scientists are totally unfazed regarding the capabilities of these ‘technologies’. Many of the other examples in the article look a lot like the by now discredited EMDrive technology that was apparently producing propulsion by breaking the laws of physics, specifically conservation of energy. I’m certainly not dogmatic, but we have understood some things about our universe quite well. If such simple systems could break the models of the world we painstakingly tested over and over in the last couple of centuries of scientific enquiry, then humanity would have noticed much earlier. That means, all the perceived “enemies” of the United States would have, too.

On the topic of why the United States has a military budget much higher than the next few countries combined, we should talk about history rather than science. I recommend Ray Dalio’s series on why empires fail. He explains the general development of late stage empires using historical data: a ballooning military budget and increasing overextension are typical signs of such late stage empires.

Ph.D. in theoretical physics — Data Scientist — technology enthusiast — voracious reader — staunch citizen of the world (with a European bias…)

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